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The Swiss Plastics Cluster offer analyses services from the HEIA-FR and the UNIFR.

Chemical Analysis Service at HEIA-FR

Since 2004, the Chemical Analysis Service at the School of Engineering and Architecture Fribourg (HEIA-FR) performs various research mandates and analysis services both for the School’s Chemistry Department and for our industrial partners.

Part of the ChemTech Institute, our laboratory works in close collaboration with the School’s professors and applies its key competences towards the Institute’s strategic research areas: process development, product characterization or environmental analysis.

With our diverse collection of modern analysis equipment, we are confident to be able to tackle any of your analytical tasks in a wide range of applications.

Our fields of expertise at HEIA-FR

Physico-chemical characterization 
- Scanning electron microscopy
- Advanced Polymer Chromatography ™
- Mass spectrometry
- Raman spectroscopy
- FT-IR spectroscopy
- NMR spectroscopy
- Rheology

Thermal behavioure 
- Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)
- Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA-MS)
- Chemiluminescence 

NMR analysis at UNIFR

An NMR analysis consists of preparing and conducting one or several NMR experiments. Spectral analysis is optional.
For each NMR sample, one tariff point (TP) is charged for the preparation and performance of the NMR analysis.
Provided that sufficient substance is available (1-5 mg per 1H NMR and 10-50 mg per 13C NMR), routine NRM experiments are charged as follows:

1H NMR: 2 TP
1H NMR including H/D exchange: 3 TP
13C NMR, DEPT135 experiment: 2 TP
13C NMR, DEPT135 experiment: 2 TP
1 tariff point (TP) = CHF 50.- (incl. VAT)

Specific NMR experiments at UNIFR

In most cases, the results of an NMR routine provide the molecular structure. In order to confirm the structure, complementary assays, such as NOE difference spectroscopy, measurements at high or low temperatures or NMR spectroscopy of different nuclei may be necessary. These experiments in principle require long measurement times. The tariffs are listed below:
-        Night-long measurement: 8 TP
-        Weekend-long measurement: 14 TP

The University also proposes NMR services of solids (details on request).

Contact person of the HEIA-FR

Samuel Roth
026 429 67 06

Chemical Analysis Service
Bd de Pérolles 80
Case postale 32
CH-1705 Fribourg 

Passage du Cardinal 11
CH-1700 Fribourg

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